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Do you need your middle or high school art curriculum prepped for the whole year?

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I created middle and high school visual art lessons and resources for your art curriculum that can easily be accessed by your students digitally from their own devices.

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This resource package is a ⏰HUGE TIMESAVER ⏰

❤️ Well-organized Lessons
❤️ Engaging and Interactive
❤️ Step-by-Step Guide
❤️ Complete Curriculum
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Students love being able to refer back to art project videos, drawing tutorials, slideshows, drawing worksheets, and drawing lessons.

Inside Out
Art Teacher

I am Lauren and creating beautifully designed middle and high school art projects that allow me to spend more quality teaching moments with my students is my PASSION and my ART.

Teaching art in high school should be fun and rewarding, not stressful.  Being prepared with art lessons and resources for your art curriculum to help your students use the elements and principals of art, improve their drawing skills, and help everyone’s confidence and success in art skyrocket is so important.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice personal and family time to do this.  

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