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Art Supplies in Spanish with labels

Attention art teachers! Do you find it frustrating to search through disorganized art supplies every time you need something? I understand. That’s why I created these fantastic school supply labels to help keep your classroom tidy and your art materials easily accessible.

What you’ll get: Art Supplies in Spanish

Classroom Art Supplies in Spanish is a digital product includes 60 fun and colorful labels (in Spanish) for all your essential supplies, such as:

  • Pasteles
  • Pasteles Al Óleo
  • Compases
  • Pintura Acrílica
  • Pintura Al Óleo
  • Acuarela
  • Papel Acuarela
  • Papel Negro
  • Papel De Construcción
  • Papel De Dibujo
  • Papel Para Apuntes
  • Marcadores Sharpie
  • Tazas
  • Arcilla
  • Paletas
  • Pinceles
  • Objetos De Naturaleza Muerta
  • Revistas
  • Cartulina
  • Papel Para Carbón
  • Papel Para Pasteles
  • Lienzo
  • Proyectos
  • Periodo 1
  • Periodo 2
  • Periodo 3
  • Periodo 4
  • Periodo 5
  • Periodo 6
  • Periodo 7
  • Periodo 8
  • Periodo 9
  • Periodo 10
  • Herramientas Para Arcilla
  • Esponjas
  • Arcilla De Secado Al Aire
  • Lápices De Colores
  • Marcadores De Pintura
  • Marcadores De Punta Fina
  • Cuchillas X-acto
  • Pegamento En Barra
  • Pistolas De Pegamento
  • Lápices Acuarelables
  • Mod Podge
  • Papel De Calco
  • Reglas
  • Sellos
  • Periódicos
  • Hilo Y Cuerda
  • Tela
  • Materiales Para Manualidades
  • Alambre
  • Herramientas
  • Papel De Lija
  • Carbón
  • Difuminadores
  • Papel Tissue
  • Ejemplos Del Maestro
  • Tablero De Rascar
  • Tinta

Each label measures 5 x 1.75 inches and features a clear and easy-to-read font, along with playful graphics that will add a pop of color to your classroom decor.

These labels are digital, which means you can easily print them out at home or take them to your local print shop. No need to wait for shipping or worry about the labels getting lost in the mail.

Includes a link to the editable template that just needs a free Canva account to edit.

As a fellow art teacher, I understand how important it is to maintain a clean and organized classroom, especially when dealing with messy art supplies. These labels will help you do just that, while also infusing your space with personality and fun.

Thank you for considering my school supply labels! I’m excited for you to try them out and see how they transform your classroom.

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Classroom Art Supplies in Spanish With labels| Teacher Organization

Art Supplies in Spanish with labels | Inside Out Art Teacher with labels