Drawing Galaxy with White Colored Pencil High School Art Project



Are you tired of the endless search for the perfect reference images for your high school art classes? Do you find yourself answering the same questions repeatedly, like ‘What do I do next?’ It’s time to put an end to the frustration!


Introducing this Drawing Galaxy on Black Paper with White Colored Pencil High School Art Project—a comprehensive solution designed specifically for you. It’s time to put those frustrations aside because this lesson has got your back. It includes everything you need to teach reverse value drawing and shading to your high school art classes.


Say goodbye to the stress of planning each step on your own. With the easy-to-access step-by-step format, you’ll feel like you have an extra teacher in the room. This allows you to spend more quality teaching moments with your students, nurturing their artistic growth and fostering a deeper connection.


Get ready to witness the stunning results this drawing lesson produces. It’s a fantastic addition to your high school art curriculum, taking your students’ artwork to new heights. They will be grateful for the invaluable shading skills you equip them with, and their creations will leave a lasting impression.


But the benefits don’t stop there. The materials included in this lesson are incredibly versatileYou can use them again and again, year after year, making it a cost-effective and sustainable addition to your art curriculum. The value and longevity of this resource are unmatched. ♻️✨



Throughout this engaging lesson, teachers and students will explore the following key aspects of shading:


Value and Contrast: Discover how to create depth and dimension in artwork by effectively utilizing proper shading techniques using white colored pencils on black paper to create value and contrast.

☀️ Light and Shadow: Students will learn to observe the subject closely and record how light interacts with objects and influences their appearance.

Form and Texture: Students will learn how to use white colored pencils on black paper to represent three-dimensional form and simulate texture using learned shading techniques.

Observational Drawing: Students will practice keen observation, discerning subtle variations in light and shadow in forms ranging from simple to more complex, and apply these insights to their own artwork.

Creative Expression: Students will have the opportunity to experiment with different Galaxy subjects and use shading to evoke mood, atmosphere, and depth in their compositions.




This art lesson has undergone a recent update in June 2023, bringing you two fantastic versions of the project.



Updated contents:


Choose from 30 Gridded and Non-Gridded Reference Images of Galaxy: Modify the project to meet your student’s individual levels of ability with a stunning collection of reference images featuring various Galaxy objects ranging in complexity. You choose which images to give your students based on their ability levels. From intricate Galaxyware to more simple transparent bottles, these images provide a diverse range of shading challenges and will speak to your beginners or more advanced art students.


✅ Rubric: Streamline your assessment process with a comprehensive rubric. This invaluable tool provides clear criteria for evaluating your students’ shading proficiency when working with Galaxy. Assess their ability to render translucency, highlights, and accurate reflections, guiding them toward mastery and encouraging artistic excellence.


✅ 17 Slide Editable Canva Slideshow: Each slide guides students through the step-by-step process of shading Galaxy objects, highlighting essential techniques and providing valuable insights. The dynamic visual examples and clear explanations will captivate your students’ attention and deepen their understanding of this challenging artistic skill.


✅ Lesson Handout with QR Code: Simplify access to the lesson materials with a concise handout that encapsulates key points and techniques. The included QR code allows students to quickly and conveniently access the lesson slideshow, facilitating self-paced learning and providing a helpful resource for revision and review.


✅ Three Video Demonstrations for Students: Three different video demonstrations break the project down into digestible chunks and allow students to see all steps of the project unfold quickly from start to finish. They will see how to set up the drawing, complete the value scale, and complete the drawing.


✅ Teacher Instructions: Comprehensive teacher instructions provide guidance and suggestions for incorporating the Shading Galaxy lesson effectively into your art curriculum.



This intermediate drawing lesson will fit right into any value and shading unit. Students should have already learned how to shade simple forms with white paper with graphite or charcoal and should also have some experience with using colored pencils on black paper. This lesson usually follows the Drawing a Galaxy with White Colored Pencil on Black Paper Lesson.


Why Teachers Love It:


This resource package is a HUGE TIMESAVER ⏰


❤️ The Convenience Factor: Imagine the convenience of having 20 gridded and non-gridded reference images at your fingertips, covering a wide range of subjects. No more scouring the internet or spending hours creating your own. The Shading Galaxy lesson has you covered, saving you valuable time and energy.

❤️ Engage and Empower: Watch your students flourish as they delve into the shading techniques presented in the lesson. The visually captivating slideshow, concise instructional video, and hands-on practice worksheets will captivate their imaginations and nurture their artistic growth. Witness their confidence soar as they develop a solid foundation in shading, unlocking their full creative potential.

❤️ Streamlined Assessment: Simplify your assessment process with the included rubric. Clearly defined criteria make it a breeze to evaluate your students’ shading proficiency, providing constructive feedback that fuels their progress and mastery. ‍

❤️ Embrace Ongoing Support: Gain access to teacher instructions and the option to join a mailing list for valuable insights, updates, and additional resources. Stay connected with a community of passionate educators who share your commitment to fostering artistic excellence.



Social Proof:


Don’t just take my word for it – art teachers everywhere are raving about the Shading Galaxy lesson! Here’s what they have to say:


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “All Inside Out Art Teachers’ lessons are perfect and easy to use; this one really got my students excited and working hard! Their final projects were really awesome.” – Art Teacher, Shannon G.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Extremely satisfied This is such a wonderful project. The results of Galaxy using white pencil on black paper are always striking.” – Art Teacher, Angela G.





❓ What level of ability is this lesson suitable for?


This lesson can be used with beginner or advanced artists; however, they should have experience shading simpler shapes prior to this lesson. This project usually follows these introduction lessons on shading:


✏️ Beginner Value and Shading Worksheets

✏️ Drawing and Shading a Candle

✏️ Shading a Sphere White Colored Pencil on Black Paper or Drawing a Galaxy with White Colored Pencil on Black Paper Lesson.


❓ Can this lesson be used virtually and in the classroom?


Yes, this Shading Galaxy lesson is compatible with a variety of instructional methods. Whether you use interactive whiteboards, projectors, or personal devices, you can seamlessly incorporate the lesson materials into your classroom setup. Enjoy the freedom to choose the approach that works best for you and your students. The lesson materials are easily accessible on your preferred device, making it effortless to integrate them into your virtual or in-classroom teaching practice.


❓ What materials will my students need to complete this project?


This cost-effective project only requires:


✅ White colored pencil (any brand will work). You can substitute white charcoal, but the application technique will be slightly different.

✅ Black drawing paper or construction paper

✅ Ruler

✅ Eraser

✅ Pencil and sharpener



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Drawing Galaxy with White Colored Pencil High School Art Project

Drawing Galaxy with White Colored Pencil High School Art Project