High School Art Multi Level Art Curriculum Drawing and Painting Project Bundle



Are you ready to have your high school art curriculum planned, prepped, and ready to go? This multi-level HIGH SCHOOL ART CURRICULUM BUNDLE contains EVERYTHING in my store as of 9/06.2023. It contains 164 resources and everything you need to teach any beginner through advanced middle or high school art class. Save time creating slideshows, demonstrating new drawing techniques, and be prepared for unexpected absences with lots of emergency art sub plans and art worksheets.


Included are lessons on contour line drawing, negative space drawing, shading, color theory, painting, colored pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, pen and ink techniques, and so much more.


You can click on each lesson below to see what each resource contains. Because this bundle contains so many resources, I recommend downloading each lesson individually so you can find the files easily on your computer. I update my lessons all the time so you can always go to my purchases and redownload any lesson and receive all of the new updates. I will be adding more lessons to this bundle through the end of August and the price will increase but you will never pay more.


This is a game-changing bundle designed to make your life as an art teacher so much easier. Say goodbye to the stress of planning every single step on your own because this comprehensive package has got you covered. It includes everything you need to teach high-contrast drawing and shading techniques to your middle or high schoolers.


With its easy-to-follow step-by-step format, it’s like having an extra teacher that will help you focus more on the things you love—teaching art. This incredible resource takes care of the planning and guiding aspects, freeing you to dive deeper into meaningful teaching moments with your students.


But the benefits don’t stop there. The materials included in each lesson are incredibly versatile, giving you the freedom to use them year after year. It’s a cost-effective and sustainable addition to your art curriculum that keeps on giving. Get ready to experience the unbeatable value and longevity this resource brings to your classroom. ♻️✨


Why Teachers Love It:

This resource package is a HUGE TIMESAVER ⏰

❤️ Organization Factor: Have your lessons planned, prepped, and ready to go year after year.

❤️ Engaging and Interactive: The presentations, video demonstrations, and practice worksheets provide an interactive learning experience that will keep your students engaged year after year.

❤️ Step-by-Step Guidance: The detailed instructions, tips, and advice in the video demonstration and presentations will empower your students to create impressive artwork.

❤️ Confidence Booster: This project serves as a great confidence booster, allowing students to witness their artistic abilities flourish as they master the techniques of high-contrast drawing and shading.

❤️ Versatile Resources: Whether you’re teaching in-person or remotely, this project can be adapted to suit your classroom needs.

Social Proof:

Don’t just take my word for it – art teachers everywhere are raving about the Shading Chicken or the Egg lesson! Here’s what they have to say:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “All Inside Out Art Teachers’ lessons are perfect and easy to use; this one got my students excited and working hard! Their final projects were awesome.” – Art Teacher, Shannon G.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Wonderful for teaching shading, values, and self-assessment to junior high students.  They became engrossed in the technical activity and the self-assessment tool. ” – Art Teacher, Deborah G.


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