Line and Value High School Art Lesson: Drawing with Pen and Ink Art Project



Are you tired of the constant struggle to find engaging and comprehensive art lessons that captivate your high school students? Are you seeking a solution that not only teaches intricate techniques but also guides your students through every step of the creative process?


The Line and Value High School Art Lesson: Drawing Sushi with Pen and Ink is here to elevate your art instruction. It will change the way your students approach pen and ink techniques. No more repetitive explanationsno more time-consuming searches for the perfect project—this lesson has arrived to transform your classroom experience.


In this carefully designed package, you’ll find everything you need to unlock your students’ artistic potential and cultivate a deep understanding of line and value through the captivating medium of pen and ink.



A Lesson Designed for You, by a Fellow Art Educator: Empathy Meets Expertise





Engaging Approach: We’ve all been down the rabbit hole of endless lesson plans, only to find they lack that “wow” factor. But this lesson plan is crafted to captivate high school students’ attention and fuel their passion for artistic expression. The theme of drawing sushi with pen and ink will intrigue and excite even the most reluctant artists.


Step-by-Step Guidance: No more guessing or uncertain moments. With its easy-to-follow step-by-step format, this lesson provides clear instructions for each stage of the artistic process. Your students will have a structured roadmap that empowers them to create stunning pen and ink sushi drawings with confidence.


Skill Development: As an art teacher, your primary goal is to help your students grow artistically. This lesson is strategically designed to enhance their understanding of line quality, cross-hatching, and shading techniques.


Practical: We’re all pressed for time, and finding materials that are easy to gather can be a lifesaver. This lesson doesn’t require a treasure hunt for obscure art supplies. A few pencils, pens, paper, and an eraser—simple, right? It’s a breath of fresh air in a world of complicated art projects.


Cost-Effective: This lesson isn’t a one-hit-wonder. It’s a timeless resource that you can use year after year. With its structured step-by-step format and comprehensive materials, you’re investing in a teaching companion that stands the test of time.






✅  Rubric for Seamless Assessment:


  • Clear-cut success criteria for mastering the art of Line and Value High School Art Lesson: Drawing Sushi with Pen and Ink.
  • Smooth evaluation process for consistent grading and targeted feedback.


✅ Lesson Handouts Featuring QR Codes for Effortless Access to Slideshows:


  • Empower students with quick access to vital learning materials.
  • Boost learning efficiency with QR codes integrated into handouts.
  • Simplify navigation without the need for difficult instructions.


✅ Dynamic Slideshows, Available in Both View-Only and Editable Formats, Tailored to Your Teaching Style:


  • Select from a variety of adaptable slideshow options, customized to your classroom dynamics.
  • Opt for a view-only slideshow, providing students with a visual roadmap.
  • Choose the editable version to align content with your teaching approach—personalize content, emphasize crucial concepts, and tailor pacing.


✅ Insightful Video Demonstration:


  • Observe the intricate journey of Line and Value High School Art Lesson: Drawing Sushi with Pen and Ink through an engaging video.
  • Gain an understanding of strokes, techniques, and subtleties.
  • Enhance your teaching prowess with the power of visual learning.





Present: Illuminate your teaching with captivating presentations and enlightening video demonstrations. Lead your students through the enchanting process of line and value art using pen and ink, offering detailed insights and hands-on examples.


Share with Students:  Provide students with digital resources for quick reference—whether they need a recap, missed a demonstration, or are engaged in remote learning. Immediate access to presentations, videos, and practice materials reduces repetitive queries and fosters self-driven learning.


Build Drawing Skills and Confidence: Use this project to reinforce and expand upon your students’ knowledge of value and shading. Witness their growth as they apply these techniques to create detailed drawings.






This Resource Package is a TIME-SAVING GAME CHANGER ⏰


❤️ Organizational Excellence: Bid farewell to yearly planning anxiety. With this resource, lessons are meticulously organized, prepped, and ready for implementation year after year.


❤️ Engaging Interactivity: Presentations, video demonstrations, and practice worksheets offer an interactive learning experience that sustains student engagement year after year.


❤️ Guided Mastery: In-depth instructions, tips, and guidance from video demonstrations and presentations empower students to achieve impressive results in their artwork.


❤️ Boost of Confidence: Watch students’ self-assuredness soar as they witness their artistic abilities flourish through mastering Line and Value High School Art Lesson: Drawing Sushi with Pen and Ink techniques.


❤️ Versatile Adaptability: Whether you’re instructing in-person or virtually, this project seamlessly adapts to suit your classroom requirements.



Real Art Teachers, Real Praise:



Don’t just take my word for it – art teachers everywhere are raving about Inside Out Art Teacher’s art lessons! Here’s what they have to say:


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “All Inside Out Art Teachers’ lessons are perfect and easy to use; this one really got my students excited and working hard! Their final projects were really awesome.” – Art Teacher, Shannon G. 


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This resource was amazing and well designed.  It was so easy to use for both my distance learners and my in class students.  The linked video was so helpful.  Thank you! ” – Art Teacher, Jessica M.






❓ What level of ability is this lesson suitable for?


This lesson can be used with beginner or advanced artists. The designs can be kept simple or more complex.  You can modify the design to match your students’ needs



❓ Can this lesson be used virtually and in the classroom?


Yes, this lesson is compatible with a variety of instructional methods. Whether you use interactive whiteboards, projectors, or personal devices, you can seamlessly incorporate the lesson materials into your classroom setup. Enjoy the freedom to choose the approach that works best for you and your students. The lesson materials are easily accessible on your preferred device, making it effortless to integrate them into your virtual or in-classroom teaching practice.




❓ What materials will my students need to complete this project?


This cost-effective project only requires:


✅White Paper (8 x 6.5 inches)


✅Micron Pens (005, 01, 03, 05, 08)



✅Reference Image






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