Middle or High School Art Lesson: Radial Symmetry Mandalas


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Step into our Middle or High School Art Lesson and unlock the tranquil world of Radial Symmetry Mandalas – where creativity blooms and inner harmony is found!


In this captivating lesson, students will immerse themselves in the ancient tradition of mandala-making, discovering the mesmerizing beauty of radial symmetry. From intricate patterns to mesmerizing designs, each mandala is a reflection of balance, unity, and artistic expression.


Whether you’re a curious middle schooler or a seasoned high school artist, this lesson is tailored to meet you where you are. With guided instruction and hands-on practice, you’ll feel empowered to create stunning mandalas that reflect your unique vision and style.


Get ready for an art lesson that’s both educational and enjoyable! Our project is filled with interactive exercises, step-by-step demonstrations, and creative challenges that will keep you engaged and inspired as you explore the world of radial symmetry and mandala design.


Whether you’re drawing for relaxation, self-expression, or simply the joy of creating, our Radial Symmetry Mandalas lesson is your gateway to a world of artistic wonder. So grab your tools and let’s embark on this colorful journey together – the canvas is waiting for your masterpiece!



Included in this Middle or High School Art Lesson: Radial Symmetry Mandalas:

✅ PDF with the link and QR code

✅ Detailed Google Slides presentation

✅ Ready-made practice worksheet

✅ Clear Video Demonstration

✅ Handy Step-by-step Handouts

✅ Step-by-step Art Teacher’s Instructions



This Resource Package is a TIME-SAVING GAME CHANGER ⏰

❤️ The materials are all organized in one place to use year after year.

❤️ Materials students can refer back to when the teacher is busy or unavailable

❤️ Clear step-by-step instructions explain how to complete the radial symmetry mandalas with lots of visual examples that are easy to use.

❤️ TIME-SAVING video demonstrations are great for when students are absent and need a review.

❤️ Great for multiple ability levels and builds student confidence in art



Middle or High School Art Lesson: Radial Symmetry Mandalas



Need an Easy to Follow Art Sub Plan?

The included worksheets work great as sub plans, and early finisher assignments, for students on home instruction or in ISS. They are easy to follow with the linked videos and are easy for substitute teachers or self-directed learning when the art teacher is unavailable.


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Middle or High School Art Lesson: Radial Symmetry Mandalas

Middle or High School Art Lesson: Radial Symmetry Mandalas