Value and Shading Worksheets – Middle School Art – High School Art – Sub Plan


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This middle or high school art drawing and shading lesson can be used in the classroom or via distance learning. The printable worksheets are great as an emergency sub-plan activity or as a skill builder. There are three different shading activities that build on each other and allow students to practice creating transitions of value. Each activity has a corresponding video demonstration.


Students simply click the link on the assignment and can view the demonstration. Each activity contains reference images and instructions which can be viewed digitally or printed out.

This lesson stresses the importance of building up value slowly, looking closely at the reference photo to compare values, noticing the edges where one value meets another, and not using an outline. Students learn to shade transitions of value.


These worksheets are meant to follow my lesson on building up solid shapes of value found HERE, they are also part of this money-saving SHADING WORKSHEET BUNDLE.


These drawing practice worksheets help students learn good habits such as continually looking at the reference and making sure they are shading the correct value. It points out common beginner mistakes and teaches students self-awareness, what to look for, and how to really observe the image.


Need an Easy to Follow Art Sub Plan?

The included worksheets work great as sub plans, and early finisher assignments, for students on home instruction or in ISS. They are easy to follow with the linked videos and for substitute teachers or self-directed learning when the art teacher is unavailable.


All of my lessons can be shared with your students through Google Classroom or any digital platform and are formatted to work for distance learning or in the classroom. They are designed to save you time and help your students access the tutorials, presentations, videos, or worksheets as easily as possible. You can find more ready-to-go, easy-to-follow, time-saving art lessons in my RESOURCE SHOP.


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Easy to use value and shading worksheets for middle or high school art classes. These shading worksheets are great for an emergency sub plan lesson.

Value and Shading Worksheets – Middle School Art – High School Art – Sub Plan