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watercolor and mixed media art project ideas

My 3 Favorite Art Projects for Junior High

Are you on a hunt for fun and easy art projects for junior high? If you’re on a quest to elevate your art lessons and empower your students with a burst of creative brilliance, you’re in for an inspiring journey. Imagine a world where watercolors dance effortlessly with markers, where

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Cover for easy, no fail, beginner art lesson for art projects for junior high

Easy Mixed Media Art Idea for Middle and High School

Hey artists and art teachers! Welcome back to our creative corner. Today, I’m super excited to share an awesome lesson tailored perfectly for middle or high school artists – our cool Mixed Media Watercolor and Marker Art Project. This mixed media negative space watercolor and marker art lesson is the

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Easy Watercolor Painting High School Art Lesson Plan

Hello, artists and art teachers, great to have you here! Today’s spotlight is on the Bottle Galaxy Drawing, a must-try middle or high school art project that dives into the fusion of watercolor, pens, and gel pens. Students get hands-on with these dynamic mediums, crafting visually stunning compositions with a

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