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Introduce your students to the fascinating world of grid drawing with our Animal Theme #1 Worksheets. This engaging set of worksheets is perfect for teaching grid-based drawing techniques through a fun and educational animal theme, suitable for all skill levels.


Grid drawing is a technique that helps students break down complex images into manageable sections, promoting accuracy and proportion. In this set, students will use grids to draw a variety of animals, focusing on shapes, lines, and the relationships between different sections of the grid.


These worksheets are ideal for both regular art classes and substitute teacher plans. The clear grid-based structure makes them easy to use, providing a straightforward approach to drawing that encourages focus and precision. It’s a great resource for teachers looking for reliable, ready-to-use materials.


Students will enjoy the interactive nature of these worksheets, which make learning fun. With each section of the grid, they’ll develop key skills in observation, proportion, and detail. The animal theme adds an element of excitement, motivating students to complete the entire drawing with care and creativity.


Our Grid Drawing Worksheets: Animal Theme #1 is a versatile addition to any art curriculum. Whether used as a standalone activity or part of a larger lesson, these worksheets will inspire students to create beautiful animal drawings with accuracy and creativity. Get your set today and watch your students bring their favorite animals to life through the art of grid drawing!



Included in this Grid Drawing Worksheets Animal Theme #1:

✅ 11 Ready to go Grid Drawing Worksheets

✅ Easy to Follow Art Teachers Instruction



Grid Drawing Worksheets Animal Theme #1



Need an Easy to Follow Art Sub Plan?

The included worksheets work great as sub plans, and early finisher assignments, for students on home instruction or in ISS. They are easy to follow are easy for substitute teachers or self-directed learning when the art teacher is unavailable.


All of my lessons can be shared with your students through Google Classroom or any digital platform and are formatted to work for distance learning or in the classroom. They are designed to save you time and help your students access the tutorials, presentations, videos, or worksheets as easily as possible. You can find more ready-to-go, easy-to-follow, time-saving art lessons in my RESOURCE SHOP.


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Grid Drawing Worksheets Animal Theme #1

HIGH SCHOOL SUB PLAN/WORKSHEET: Grid Drawing Worksheets Animal Theme #1