Creating Stunning Crystals with Neurographic Designs in 3 Easy Steps

Neurographic Designs

Hello, artists and art teachers! Welcome back to our creative corner. Today, I have an exciting tutorial that combines the mesmerizing beauty of crystals with the captivating art form of Neurographic art. By following these simple steps, you’ll learn how to bring your artwork to life and create stunning compositions that blend marker and colored pencil techniques and Neurographic art seamlessly. So, let’s dive in and unleash your artistic potential!

Step 1: Overcoming Timidity – A Fresh Approach

When introducing this tutorial to your students (or to yourself!), it’s important to encourage them to let go of their fear of making mistakes. By reversing the order of the steps and starting with Neurographic designs before drawing the crystals, we can free ourselves from any reservations. 

This method empowers us to fully explore our creativity without worrying about ruining the initial artwork.

Step 2: The Foundation – Unleashing the Neurographic Design Art Magic

Neurographic Designs for Middle School High School Students Art Teacher Resources Lessons

Start with a Smaller Canvas:

Using a smaller square paper for this exercise provides a more manageable space to experiment with Neurographic lines. It helps maintain focus and reduces any overwhelming feelings that may hinder creativity.

Neurographic Designs for Middle School High School Students Art Teacher Resources Lessons

Sketching the Neurographic Lines:

Begin by lightly sketching the neurographic lines in pencil. These lines will serve as the backbone of your design and provide a framework for the crystals to be added later. Be playful and explore different shapes and patterns that resonate with your artistic vision.

Crystal Placement and Balance:

Once you have your neurographic lines in place, carefully plan where your crystals will be positioned. Aim for a balanced distribution throughout the design, placing them directly on top of the neurographic lines. Erase any intersecting lines within the crystals’ boundaries to maintain clarity.

Refining Your Neurographic Design:

With the crystals mapped out, it’s time to refine your neurographic lines. Go over them with a marker, starting with thick lines and gradually transitioning to thin lines. Round out any sharp corners to create a more organic and flowing composition. Remember, this is your chance to infuse your unique style into the artwork.

Step 3: Bringing Crystals to Life

In case you missed it, don’t forget to check out my previous video (and also my other blog post) where I walk you through the captivating process of coloring these crystals! But just in case you need a refresher:

neurographic designs Drawing Colored Pencil Crystals with Marker Layering for Middle School and High School Art Lessons and Worksheets

Reference Images for Neurographic Designs Crystals:

Using reference images, guide your colored pencil crystal drawings. Observe the intricate details, hues, and shading. This step will enable you to add depth and realism to your crystals, enhancing their overall allure.

Neurographic Designs for Middle School High School Students Art Teacher Resources Lessons

Drawing the Colored Pencil Crystals:

Using the mapped-out crystal positions from the Neurographic design, draw your crystals with colored pencils. Gradually build up layers, blending colors and capturing the reflective properties of the crystals. Feel free to experiment with different color combinations to achieve the desired effect.

Congratulations, artists and art teachers! You’ve successfully combined the enchanting allure of crystals with the captivating artistry of Neurographic designs. By embracing a fresh approach and nurturing your creative instincts, you’ve unlocked a world of possibilities. So, keep exploring, experimenting, and pushing your artistic boundaries. Don’t forget to check out the video linked below for more insights into the fascinating world of Neurographic art. Happy creating!

✏️ Complete Colored Pencil Value Scale and Neurographic Designs Crystal Lesson used in this Colored Pencil Drawings Blog Post

This middle or high school art lesson is great for beginner artists or advanced students. Students learn how to layer markers and colored pencils to create tints and shades of value using no black. This technique creates rich vibrant tints and shades of value fast. This lesson is ready-to-go and contains everything you need to achieve amazing results and build student confidence fast.

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