Drawing and Shading: Drawing Lips with Charcoal


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Are you on the lookout for a captivating visual art lesson that excels in the art of drawing lips with charcoal? This exclusive high school art lesson is designed to keep your students spellbound.


Do you often find yourself fielding the same questions from curious minds, such as “What’s next?” and “How do I do this?” Well, it’s time to wholeheartedly embrace this extraordinary journey into the world of drawing facial features.


Check out this visual art lesson, titled Drawing Lips with Charcoal. It’s a masterful exploration into the intricate art of drawing lips, exclusively crafted to make your high school visual art teaching easy.

Say goodbye to routine lessons and embrace this opportunity to ignite your students’ creativity and curiosity.


It provides a step-by-step guide that empowers you to lead your visual art students into the enchanting world of drawing lips with charcoal. It’s like having an extra hand, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – nurturing your students’ artistic journey




✅ Well-crafted rubric for Assessment in Drawing Lips

✅ Visual Art Lesson Handouts with QR Codes for Streamlined Access to Slideshows

11 Slideshows, Both View-Only and Editable

✅ 5 min Video Demonstration Unveiling the Art of Drawing Lips

✅ Step-by-Step Art Teachers Instructions



This Resource Package is a TIME-SAVING GAME CHANGER ⏰

❤️ The materials are all organized in one place to use year after year.

❤️ Materials students can refer back to when the teacher is busy or unavailable

❤️ Clear step-by-step instructions explain how to complete the drawing lips with lots of visual examples are easy to use.

❤️ TIME-SAVING video demonstrations are great for when students are absent and need a review.

❤️ Great for multiple ability levels and builds student confidence in art



Don’t just take my word for it – art teachers everywhere are raving about Inside Out Art Teacher’s art lessons! Here’s what they have to say:


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Fantastic. Simple to follow. Everything you need (aside from the supplies) are there for you. As someone who majored in art but only took a watercolor class (as opposed to other types of painting), I even learned some valuable techniques. Thank you!” – Art Teacher, Shannon G.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Wonderful lesson! I used this lesson to introduce charcoal drawing. The presentation, worksheets, and video were easy to use and well-organized. Students stayed engaged the entire project, creating some beautiful work and showing growth in both skill and confidence. I will continue to use this every year with my classes, thank you!” – Art Teacher, Jessica D.



See the Project Unfold

YouTube video




❓ What level of ability is this lesson suitable for?

This visual art lesson can be used with beginner or advanced artists. The designs can be kept simple or more complex.  You can modify the design to match your students’ needs

❓ Can this lesson be used virtually and in the classroom?

Yes, this visual art lesson is compatible with a variety of instructional methods. You can seamlessly incorporate the lesson materials into your classroom setup whether you use interactive whiteboards, projectors, or personal devices.

Enjoy the freedom to choose the approach that works best for you and your students. The lesson materials are easily accessible on your preferred device, making it effortless to integrate them into your virtual or in-classroom teaching practice.

❓ What materials will my students need to complete this project?

This cost-effective project only requires:

✅ White Paper 10 x 12

✅ Pencil

✅ Charcoal Pencil

✅ Ruler

✅ Eraser

✅ Tissue



Looking for a quick and easy solution to enhance your art lessons?

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Drawing and Shading: Charcoal Drawing Lips

Drawing and Shading: Drawing Lips with Charcoal