Value Drawing and Shading Art Project for Middle School Art or High School Art



Enhance your middle or high school art curriculum with this comprehensive art lesson on drawing and shading candles. This drawing and shading lesson provide step-by-step instructions, engaging presentations, practice worksheets, reference images, and more. Boost your students’ confidence and drawing skills in creating realistic graphite drawings with an emphasis on value and shading.




Engage your middle or high school art students with this captivating drawing and shading art project. Whether you’re teaching in-person or remotely, this versatile resource is designed to cater to your classroom needs. Help your students develop their drawing and shading techniques, building upon their previous knowledge of value and shading. This project serves as an excellent skill builder, leaving your students with impressive artwork.




  • Presentation: A comprehensive Canva presentation is provided, explaining the process of drawing with an understanding of creating a form with value. Discover how to create the illusion of form through effective shading techniques. Both an editable and non-editable version of the presentation is included for seamless uploading or in-classroom use.
  • Video Demonstration: An edited and sped-up video demonstration guides students through the setup and completion of their drawings. Witness the drawing unfold from start to finish, with valuable beginner drawing tips and advice provided along the way.
  • Practice Worksheets: Break down the concepts of drawing and shading with the included practice worksheets. Give your students ample opportunity to refine their skills.
  • Rubric: Evaluate your students’ artwork using the provided rubric, allowing for a consistent and fair assessment.
  • Reference Images (both gridded and ungridded): Choose from a collection of 20 different reference images, complete with instructions and guide marks. Encourage your students to unleash their creativity and attention to detail.
  • Teacher Instructions: Comprehensive instructions and suggestions are provided, ensuring a smooth implementation of the project.




How to Use in the Classroom:


  • Present: Utilize the presentations and video demonstrations in the classroom to save time demonstrating key concepts and skills.  These materials guide your students through the drawing and shading process quickly and in detail with lots of illustrations and examples.


  • Share with Students: Be armed with answers to repetitive questions by sharing the digital resources with your students for quick and easy reference. This is great when students need a review, miss a demonstration, or are remote learning. They can access the slideshow presentations, video demonstrations, and practice worksheets from anywhere, allowing them to get quick answers to common questions saving you from answering the same questions over and over.


  • Save Time Searching for Images to DrawThe ready-to-go reference images will save you and your students time searching for the perfect image to draw from and eliminate the frustrations of scaling/editing the perfect image.


  • Build Drawing Skills and Confidence: Use this project to reinforce and expand upon your students’ knowledge of value and shading. Witness their growth as they apply these techniques to create detailed drawings.


Why You’ll Love It:


  • Be Organized:: Have your lessons planned, prepped,  and ready to go year after year.
  • Engaging and Interactive: The presentations, video demonstrations, and practice worksheets provide an interactive learning experience that will keep your students engaged year after year.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: The detailed instructions, tips, and advice in the video demonstration and presentations will empower your students to create impressive artwork.
  • Confidence Booster: This project serves as a great confidence booster, allowing students to witness their artistic abilities flourish as they master the techniques of value and shading.
  • Versatile Resources: Whether you’re teaching in-person or remotely, this project can be adapted to suit your classroom needs.


Additional Details:


In this project, students will learn to gradually build up values through layering and shading with graphite pencils. By drawing white objects against a white background, students will understand how light creates shadows and how shadows define the form of the subject. With comprehensive resources and expert guidance, this project is guaranteed to inspire your student’s artistic growth.


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Before this project, students should have some basic experience with shading and value. This project usually follows any one of these introduction lessons on shading.


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Value Drawing and Shading Art Project for Middle School Art or High School Art

Value Drawing and Shading Art Project for Middle School Art or High School Art