My 3 Favorite Art Projects for Junior High

Are you on a hunt for fun and easy art projects for junior high?

If you’re on a quest to elevate your art lessons and empower your students with a burst of creative brilliance, you’re in for an inspiring journey. Imagine a world where watercolors dance effortlessly with markers, where negative space becomes a canvas of possibilities, and where galaxies are bottled into masterpieces.

Here, we’ll delve into the transformative realm of mixed media, strategically designed to captivate the imaginations of both educators and students alike.

1.) Mixed Media Watercolor and Marker Art Project Idea

Cover for easy, no fail, beginner art lesson for art projects for junior high
  • By combining easy watercolor painting with the precision of markers, students engage in a harmonious creative dance. This fusion not only encourages experimentation but also allows for a vibrant expression of ideas.
  • Students explore a diverse range of skills, from the controlled strokes of markers to the more spontaneous flow of watercolor. This variety enhances their artistic toolkit and builds confidence in handling different materials.
  • Use this lesson as a foundation for understanding the interaction between contrasting mediums. Emphasize the importance of layering and how each material contributes to the overall visual impact.

2.) Easy Negative Space Drawing with Watercolor and Marker in 5 Steps

Easy negative space drawing with watercolor and marker art lesson for middle or high school art
  • Delving into negative space drawing enhances students’ conceptual understanding of composition. The combination of watercolor and markers allows for a nuanced exploration of the relationship between subject and surrounding space.
  • The step-by-step approach provides structure while allowing for creative interpretation. This strikes a balance between guidance and individual expression.
  • Use this lesson to impart essential principles of composition. Discuss how negative space contributes to the overall balance and visual appeal of the artwork.

3.) Bottle Galaxy Mixed Media

Cover for the bottle galaxy drawing for mixed media art project
  • This lesson invites students on a cosmic adventure, fostering imagination and personal interpretation. The combination of easy watercolor art, markers, and various materials allows for a truly out-of-this-world exploration.
  • Encourages students to experiment with unconventional materials, fostering a sense of confidence and curiosity. The unpredictable nature of the cosmic theme aligns perfectly with the spirit of mixed media exploration.
  • Extend this lesson into theme-based art projects for junior high, encouraging students to explore diverse subjects through the lens of mixed media. This sparks creativity and opens avenues for cross-curricular integration.

Introducing mixed media to beginners is like opening a door to a world of artistic wonders. These three art projects for junior high act as guides, not just teaching artistic techniques but unlocking a realm of benefits.

Firstly, they boost confidence. Beginners witness quick, impressive results, turning each stroke into a step towards artistic self-assurance.

Secondly, mixed media offers endless creative possibilities. It’s a colorful playground where students can explore and experiment with various materials, fostering a love for artistic innovation.

Lastly, it’s a skill-building journey. From mastering markers’ finesse to navigating the fluidity of watercolors, beginners develop a versatile skill set that extends beyond traditional art boundaries.

In a nutshell, these projects aren’t just lessons—they’re keys to a world where creativity reigns. Encourage students to dive in, savor every stroke, and watch these lessons become a lifelong love for the boundless possibilities of mixed media art.

Top 3 Easy Art Projects for Junior High for You and Your Students to Try Out!

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