First Day of School Slides and Syllabus Bundle – Elementary Middle High School Art

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Introducing this Back to School Bundle of the Syllabus and Slideshow—a perfect combination to kick-start an engaging and successful school year for your elementary, middle, or high school art classes.


This syllabus bundle provides you with the essential resources to captivate your students from day one and create a positive learning environment that will fuel their artistic journey.

This customizable Back-to-School Syllabus Bundle bursts with color, energy, and endless possibilities. Infuse your personality and teaching style into every detail, from classroom rules to grading policies and contact information.




✅ This syllabus bundle includes a vibrant and customizable Back-to-School Syllabus Template and an eye-catching Editable Elementary Middle or High School Art Presentation.

✅ The template allows you to personalize your syllabus, while the presentation provides a visual feast with a comprehensive overview of your class structure, rules, grading policy, and essential information.


Ideas for Use:

✅ Kick-start the school year with a syllabus bundle that captivates your students and sets a positive tone for the entire term.

✅ Customize the syllabus template to reflect your teaching style and showcase your creativity.

✅ Use the editable presentation to deliver an exciting and informative overview of your class, whether in the classroom or online.


Why You’ll Love It:

❤️ Students will be thrilled by the vibrant and visually appealing syllabus, which stands out from the typical mundane documents.

❤️ The engaging presentation will spark their curiosity and create a dynamic learning environment.



Syllabus Bundle



What Educators are Saying:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Wow!  I love that I can edit the syllabus but everything is thoughtfully and creatively laid out in a PPT which is easy to use.  I was looking at several other syllabus options on TPT but I didn’t have the programs required to edit them.  She also provides a link to a Canva document which is nice.“ – Megan B., Art Teacher



Additional Details:

This bundle is tailor-made for elementary, middle, or high school art teachers who dare to dream big and make a lasting impact. The templates are fully customizable and compatible with popular software and platforms for seamless integration into your teaching routine.



All of my lessons can be shared with your students through Google Classroom or any digital platform and are formatted to work for distance learning or in the classroom. They are designed to save you time and help your students access the tutorials, presentations, videos, or worksheets as easily as possible. You can find more ready-to-go, easy-to-follow, time-saving art lessons in my RESOURCE SHOP.


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Elementary Middle High School Art First Day of School Slides and Syllabus BUNDLE

First Day of School Slides and Syllabus Bundle – Elementary Middle High School Art

Original price was: $8.00.Current price is: $6.50.