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Art Drawing Curriculum - Full Year Art Project Bundle

Printable Art Drawing Curriculum – Full Year Art Project Bundle

Are you an art teacher seeking a hassle-free and engaging high school art drawing curriculum? Look no further!   This comprehensive art drawing curriculum bundle features over 32 meticulously crafted resources to enhance your students’ fundamental drawing skills and eliminate the age-old question, “What do I do next?” The projects are

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Negative Space Watercolor - Middle School Art - High School Visual Art Project

Negative Space Watercolor Visual Art Project

Are you on the hunt for an easy negative space watercolor project lesson plan that will captivate your middle or high school students’ interest? Do you feel the weight of their curious questions, like “What’s do we do next?” or “How do I do this?” echoing in your mind? It’s

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Value Drawing and Shading Project for Middle School or High School Art (Drapery)

Drapery Value Drawing and Shading Art Project

Are you tired of the endless search for the perfect value drawing for your high school art classes? Do you find yourself answering the same questions repeatedly, like ‘What do I do next?’ Well, get ready to leave all that frustration behind because I’ve got something amazing for you!   Introducing

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