Unwrapping Creativity: Top 3 Best Holiday Art Projects for Middle or High School

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As the scent of cinnamon and the twinkling lights of the holiday season begin to fill the air, educators everywhere find themselves contemplating the age-old question: How can we infuse the festive spirit into our classrooms? Fear not, for in this season of giving and creativity, I bring you not just one but three of my best holiday art projects destined to transform your middle or high school classroom into a hub of yuletide cheer.

Picture this: your students are immersed in the mesmerizing process of drawing and shading realistic candles, each stroke unlocking secrets to create a masterpiece that captures the warmth of the season. Or imagine the joy of perspective coming to life as winter houses take shape, each uniquely decorated to celebrate the holiday of your choice. But that’s not all – envision a room abuzz with excitement as students embark on a hands-on journey, turning humble sheets of cardboard into whimsical holiday sculptures.

This holiday season, let the walls of your classroom echo with laughter, creativity, and the unmistakable hum of students engaged in the joyous act of artistic expression. Are you ready to make this holiday season unforgettable for your students? It’s time to explore these top three holiday art projects, where creativity meets celebration and the magic of the season comes alive in every stroke of the brush or fold of the cardboard. Let the festivities begin!

1) Holiday Radiance: A Festive Journey into Candle Drawing and Shading

How to draw a candle for the holiday cover

Picture a festive adventure that goes beyond the expected, guiding you through each enchanting step of creating a Candle Drawing that captures the spirit of the season.

Why should teachers consider making this a centerpiece of their holiday lessons?

First, it’s about creating an experience. This project isn’t just about putting pencil to paper; it’s a journey that begins with framing the canvas. The guide takes you through each step, encouraging you to add a festive touch to your artwork. It’s not just a drawing; it’s an opportunity for personal expression and creativity to shine.

For seasoned artists, it’s a chance to explore new dimensions in shading and detail. For beginners, it’s a friendly guide, breaking down the process into manageable steps. The inclusivity of the challenge ensures growth without overwhelming students, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Now, let’s talk about the festive atmosphere this project brings to your classroom. As the drawings come to life, your learning space transforms into a haven of artistic expression. The holiday spirit isn’t just in the decorations; it’s in the very strokes of creativity that adorn the walls.

But how do students benefit from this?

Candle sketch with Christmas lights background

Personal expression takes the spotlight. Students get to infuse their unique flair into holiday-themed art, allowing them to express their perspectives in a festive context.

Then, there’s skill refinement. Through shading techniques and attention to detail, they hone their artistic abilities in an enjoyable and celebratory context. It’s not just about drawing; it’s about learning the intricacies that make art a beautiful form of expression.

And what’s the best part? The completed candle drawings don’t just stay hidden in sketchbooks. They become festive decorations, adding a sense of accomplishment to your holiday classroom ambiance.

2) Holiday Artistry Unveiled: Easy One Point Perspective Winter Holiday Middle School Art Lesson

Get ready for a winter wonderland journey as we dive into an art lesson designed especially for middle schoolers and high schoolers. 

Imagine your students stepping into the world of one-point perspective, and no, it’s not as daunting as it sounds. This project is the perfect introduction for beginners. They get to unleash their creativity by crafting gingerbread house styles or traditional homes, and here’s the twist – they can deck it out with decorations for any holiday they fancy. It’s like turning a blank canvas into a festive masterpiece.

What makes this lesson a gem for both teachers and students? Well, buckle up.

The lesson comes armed with perspective practice worksheets, handouts, and a lesson video demonstration. It’s not just about drawing; it’s about providing a guided journey. The editable lesson slideshow is your secret weapon, making prep time a breeze. Teachers, rejoice!

But here’s the real magic – this project isn’t just about teaching artistic techniques. It’s about letting your students’ creativity run wild while incorporating holiday themes into their house drawings. It’s like giving them a ticket to their artistic North Pole, where imagination knows no bounds.

So, why should teachers jump on this festive art bandwagon?

Ensuring that elements drawn on the side of the house align with one-point perspective.

Firstly, it’s an inclusive adventure. Whether your students are budding Picassos or just starting their artistic journey, this project caters to all skill levels. It’s not about overwhelming; it’s about growth.

Secondly, the step-by-step guidance is like having an art compass. Teachers, you can guide your students through the process with ease, creating a supportive learning environment. Imagine your classroom transforming into a hub of creativity and holiday cheer.

And for the students, it’s a chance to express their unique perspectives. They learn shading techniques, pay attention to details, and end up with not just a drawing but a festive masterpiece. Picture this – their completed house drawings becoming the stars of your holiday decorations.

3) Whimsical Wonders: Fun and Easy Holiday Arts and Crafts | How to Make a 3D Cardboard House Sculpture

Main Cover of the Fun and Easy Holiday Arts and Crafts Cardboard House Project

Imagine your classroom buzzing with excitement as students embark on a hands-on journey, turning humble cardboard sheets into whimsical holiday masterpieces. It’s not just about crafting; it’s about capturing the true essence of celebration, imagination, and the pure joy of creation during the holiday season.

Now, why should teachers consider making this project the highlight of their holiday curriculum?

Firstly, it’s the uniqueness of the experience. In the midst of twinkling lights and the aroma of holiday delights, this project stands out as a beacon of creativity. It’s a call to transform ordinary cardboard into extraordinary holiday wonders – be it traditional houses, gingerbread abodes, or cozy winter retreats.

Christmas lights, snow-covered roofs, festive ornaments—the possibilities are endless. This step allows students to infuse their personalities and the spirit of the season into their creations..

Teachers, imagine the joy in your classroom as students bring their visions to life. This project is a catalyst, infusing the air with a palpable sense of celebration. Even the most indifferent kids find themselves drawn to the magic of crafting during the holiday season.

Now, let’s talk benefits for the students. This isn’t just about cutting and pasting; it’s about personal expression. Students can infuse their unique flair into crafting traditional houses, gingerbread wonders, or whatever their festive hearts desire.

Moreover, it’s a skill-building adventure. As they navigate the process of crafting, they learn about spatial awareness, proportions, and the art of bringing a vision into reality. It’s hands-on learning at its best, with the added bonus of a festive touch.

And why stop there? Imagine the pride and sense of accomplishment as these 3D cardboard house sculptures become the stars of your holiday decorations. It’s not just a craft; it’s a tangible display of creativity that adds an extra layer of joy to your classroom during the holiday season.

Top 3 Best Holiday Art Projects for You and Your Middle and High School Students to Try Out!

From the enchanting process of Candle Drawing and Shading to the magical journey of Easy One Point Perspective Winter Holiday Middle School Art Lesson and the hands-on excitement of creating 3D Cardboard House Sculptures—each lesson is a unique adventure awaiting your students. Unwrap the magic of these lessons, ignite the holiday spirit, and watch your classroom transform into a hub of artistic celebration. Happy teaching and happy holidays!


And just when you thought the festive fun couldn’t get any better, here’s a sparkling addition to my top holiday art lessons – the Drawing a Christmas Ornament in Colored Pencil Art Lesson!

What’s included?  In this resource, you get:

✅ 24 Reference Images of Christmas Ornaments

✅ 27 Slideshow Presentation, Both View-Only and Editable

✅ 5 Minute Drawing a Christmas Ornament Video Demonstration

✅ Step by step PDF Handout with QR code students can scan

✅ Editable Christmas Ornament Colored Pencil Drawing Rubric

✅ Teacher’s Instructions

Take your holiday art curriculum to new heights with this delightful bonus, transforming your classroom into a festive haven of creativity and cheer!

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