Easy Middle school Art Lesson or High School Art Lesson For Beginners

Easy Beginner High School Art Lesson

This is may absolute favorite beginner high school art lesson. Middle and high school art students can be their own worst critics. If I had a dollar for every student that came to me saying they “just can’t draw” before we even attempted our first project, I would be rich. 

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Ice cream painting high school art project Art lesson plans for high school drawing and painting classes.

First Day of School Advice For Art Teachers

The quote really resonated and made me reflect on my own high school experience.   I think we have all had that one teacher that made us feel special and and effortlessly captivated the class.  It wasn’t the teacher with the best theatrics, it was the one who had that

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Middle or High School Beginner Drawing Art Lesson Worksheet

Why Inside Out Art Teacher?

WHY AM I STARTING A BLOG AND WHY DID I NAME IT INSIDE OUT ART TEACHER? Well, here is the story….. I am Lauren and I’ve been teaching high school art for 22 years. I truly believe that we perform our best and shine the most when we feel understood, valued,

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